neticle Text Analysis

Convert structured data from unstructured.
Cloud or on-premise.

Available in: BG, DE, EN, GE, HU, PL, RO, RU, UA
Coming soon: SK, CZ, NL
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neticle Text Analysis provides market leading, humanly accurate sentiment and semantic analysis toolkits for in-house corporate use.
Or are you looking for NLP (natural language processing)? Yes, that's what we do.

1. Integrate Neticle Text Analysis

2. Add large amount of text data

3. See the visualized results in your system

Illustration for Use Cases section Illustration for Use Cases section Illustration for Use Cases section Illustration for Use Cases section

Use cases

See the best applications for the Neticle Text Analysis integration:

Email analysis and chatbot support

Deal with the email overload generated by customers (feedback, questions and problems) without reading them thanks to our unique content-based labels. Furthermore, apply the next analysis into your chatbot so it will be more intelligent.

Insights from unstructured data

Do you have a large amount of text data but you have no time to process it? The Neticle Text Analysis will make it useful for you by building a searchable, structured database from it, applicable for making reports.

Automated review analysis of your product or service

See the deal-breaker attributes of your product or service, understand what your customers like or dislike based on written reviews (webshop evaluation, forum comments, customer satisfaction surveys).

CRM or ERP integration

Visualize your textual data flowing through the pipeline of your CRM or ERP system by integrating our text analysis tool.

Why choose us

See why Neticle Text Analysis is an outstanding tool in the market

Human-level precision
Supported major and niche languages *
Easy integration with professional technical support
Real time analysis (approx 100ms/text)

* BG, DE, EN, GE, HU, PL, RO, RU, UA

"input_length": 41,
"results": [
"input_length": 41,
"recognized_negative_phrases": [
"related_pos_phrases": [

"phrase": "a bad",
"mention_number": 1,
"related_entities": [


Let us show you how we protect your data.

  • GDPR compliance

    We are very serious about safety and we never use your data without your permission. Read more in our privacy policy statement.

  • Cloud base

    It is safe because we only communicate through HTTPS. We never store the data longer than necessary and there no third-party integrations either.

  • On-premise installation

    You can install Neticle Text Analysis on your own infrastructure so that the data given won't leave your network.

  • No data harvesting

    We never store the data sent to our system by our users.


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