4 Cases When Text Analysis Helps Your Performance

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Today we’re introducing you 4 areas where automated text analysis can be a big help. We’ve already written about something similar in Hungarian, but we thought it would be nice to present these practical use cases for you as well. Enjoy!

First, let us explain what automated text analysis is. As the article also points it out, its aim is to find every text what has been written about a certain keyword (e.g. company name, brand, topic, industry). In addition, the system also analyses these hits.

Neticle’s algorithm gives a score between -3 and +3 to every text based on the words’ or sentences’ sentiment. It also detects the topics, attributions, emotions, places, brands, persons mentioned in the texts. All in all, it gives you a deeper understanding about the meaning of these texts without actually having to read them.


So, why is it useful? Because many firms have hoarded unstructured text data that could be useful insight for them if only an automated text analysis tool would help them sort and process said data. These texts are usually customer reviews, social media comments, feedback or survey replies. Once the system reveals these insights, you will get unbiased guidelines for managers and decisions makers in strategy or communication planning.


Social listening

A convenient way to use this is analysing your online reputation or your competitors’ presence on the internet. If you are interested in what press and social media users write about you and your rivals, we suggest you to check our social listening product, Neticle Media Intelligence.

Feedbacks and reviews

However, useful feedback can be collected directly as well. If you want to detect your customers’ experience, or your employee’s satisfaction as part of the HR team, this is the right way to do so. The automated text analyser will read these reviews, whether they are survey replies or other type of feedback and it will show you the advantages and the pain points people mentioned in their answers.

Research and academic projects

Media monitoring and market research are getting more and more important for academic purposes. If you work for a research centre or an NGO, text analysis can come in handy when you need the opinion of people or communities about social issues. One of our most interesting research collaboration is with a children rights’ civil organization, called Hintalovon Foundation. Together we analysed how teenagers communicate about first sex and other taboos on the internet. You can read it here!

Integrating the text analyser

Neticle’s Text Analysis API can be integrated into your own system, too. It supports customer services, email complaints, chatbot discussions and CRMP and ERP systems. Furthermore, it can be applied to specific tasks, like analysing CVs, product reviews or collecting data for press releases, just to name a few. As it’s claimed in the article very well, the use cases are basically limitless, because in this digital world, text data is everywhere.

If you need more information about the Neticle Text Analysis API, you can contact us here!

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